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SKAGEN is a Norwegian fund management company with a long and successful history managing equity and fixed income funds. SKAGEN is part of Storebrand Asset Management, but remains an independent investment boutique reporting to its own Board.

Our sole business is fund management, and we do all analysis ourselves. We dare to take unpopular choices, as long as they are in the clients' best interests. We are aligned with our clients – when we do well, clients do well. Our objective is to become the best possible fund manager in terms of risk-adjusted returns, communication and service.

Why chooose SKAGEN?

The SKAGEN story

Image of an office building
SKAGEN Funds is located in Stavanger city centre.

We believe that investing responsibly is essential to achieving the best possible risk-adjusted returns for our unit holders over time.

We believe that sustainability factors are often a signal of management quality, particularly over the long term. Our portfolio managers therefore actively integrate environmental, social and corporate governance issues into the investment process.

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Children picking flowers
Michael Ancher, Children and young girls picking flowers in a meadow North of Skagen, 1887. This painting is manipulated and belongs to The Art Museums of Skagen.


About 448 unit holders
About EUR 2.4 million under management


About 108 000 unit holders
About EUR 5,9 billion under management

Our investment philosophy is simple: to find investments that are mispriced by the market, but whose value is likely to be recognised in future, and which offer great potential for the risk taken.

SKAGEN has a single house philosophy that we have applied consistently since start.

We offer:

  • Value focus
  • Global mandates
  • Active management
  • Long-term focus
A group of men sitting at a table having a meal.
P.S. Krøyer, At breakfast, 1883. The painting is manipulated and belongs to The Art Museums of Skagen.

Our sponsorship support
One of the ways in which we actively promote our values is by supporting long-term social sponsorship work.

Sponsorship work is important to create commitment and a sense of community across countries, languages and cultures. It also strengthens engagement and our values among our employees.

SKAGEN has for many years supported and contributed to socially beneficial projects, both locally and globally.


In het verleden behaalde resultaten zijn geen garantie voor toekomstige resultaten. Toekomstige resultaten zullen, onder andere, afhangen van marktontwikkelingen, de competenties van de fondsbeheerder, het risicoprofiel van het fonds en de beheervergoeding. Het resultaat kan negatief worden als gevolg van negatieve prijsontwikkelingen.